Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a quick fix, which allows you to display an advert for your website instantly in the advertiser areas of a search engine or website, using your chosen keywords and phrases. PPC adverts are sometimes also referred to as sponsored links, paid listings or featured listings on the pages they are displayed.

Setting up a PPC campaign properly is complicated and needs to be researched and managed effectively. If not correctly setup, it is possible to lose a lot of money very quickly on your PPC campaign.

Having your advert displayed on the first page of a search engine is not the same as organic search engine results which are not paid for. PPC advertising allows you to quickly get targeted traffic or qualified leads to your website at a small cost. Once a visitor has come to your site, it is essential that they are converted to a customer so that you do not waste the money spent on the click.

When your advert is displayed, it is called an impression. The click through rate is the amount of times the advert is clicked compared to the amount of impressions the advert has.

With a PPC campaign, you bid against your competitors for positioning of your advert when your target keywords are used in a search. The advertiser only pays publisher once the advert is clicked by a visitor to the website. If your advert is not clicked, you do not pay. Competition for the top advert positions for popular keywords is fierce, with the highest bidder usually getting the best position.

PPC campaigns work best when they are effectively optimized. Although the highest bidder usually gets the best position, there are engines such as Google, who use more than just the bid price to determine position.

Our PPC services include:

  • Effective management of your PPC campaign
  • Keyword research and suggestion and bidding strategies
  • Competition research and analysis
  • Building and optimization of effective PPC adverts
  • Target market and customer demographics analysis
  • Geo-targeting of PPC adverts
  • Analysis of statistics, CTR, customer conversion ratio and ROI metrics
  • Split testing of PPC campaigns
  • Visitor conversion testing with experimental landing pages
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